Painful outdoor Lesbian Domination with a gagged brunette

Duration: 16:55
Added 31-01-2019 Lucy

Hi pals I am back again ! This time its my computer teacher but from my college, yes thats right . well her name is Naveen. . she has got quite a beauityful face but is fat . fat in a sence meaning jelliesh type her hips r broad, huge and rounder like s.m. and her breasts are big and juicy !, and the way she walks, moves, sits, talks is very sexxxy ! and she makes me horrney very much . her height is about 5′5 and guess what s.s. and Naveen. r friends . well any ways back to the story . Naveen. was my computer teacher and I wanted her to be more than just a teacher and I mean more ! as u know which ever teacher I wished for always got them as soon as I made my mind for them . and for her I was planning for ages how am I gona fuck her, I never seemed to get a chance with her and she would never fall for me god knows why . Yes my sexual fantsies where getting fullied by m.k, p.m., s.s. and s.m but I also wanted Naveen. to join my group . so what did I do, I practised day and night how I am gona start with her but could not get a way to start and during that time my poor ex teachers had to suffer as I use to practice on them . finaly I seem to lose hope against her if am I ever gona make love to her . and started to accept that too. Any ways one day I was stuck on my computer project and went to the lab to see her if I could find her and get some help . she was sitting there and doing her work . as I was entering I was thinking that why o why cant I have her !!!!!!!!!!! she was wearing a marron shalwar kameez and a very tight fitting ones which made her breast more circular in shape and her figure was clear as a glass . her kameez was so tight that I could see the impression of the izarvan of the shalwar . i knocked the door and said ” may I cum in ” she said ” oh sure ” i came in and closed the door . she asked ” how can I help u ! ” I said in my mind ” u can help me by fucking me ! ” then I replied her and told that ” my projects program is not working can u show me how to go about it ” . She got up and went to a compter and switched it on . I could she that sexxy movment of her ass she was walking up to the computer . any ways I quickly grabbed a chair and sat right next to her . I gave her the disk and she put it the drive and started the program while she was trying to work out the program, I was trying to work the colour of her bra . she then moved a little bend down to pick a peice of paper and streched her kameez . It moved and I could see her izarvan . I could also see her tighs shape and how long her underwear is, it was very short. My cock began to harden and my hands started to shiver . I kept looking and looking and looking suddenly…………………………………………………………………… my hands moved and they were going towards her tighs, I could not stop it a bit and had no control over them I tryed to stop it but could not . and suddenly …………………………….my hands touched her tighs I began to massage her warm tighs she felt it and for a second felt the orgasm and suddenly screamed and said ” EXCUSE MY ! “, ” HOW DARE U TOCH ME GET OUT RIGHT NOW”. Stupid and dump old me what was I thinking and went back to my class and was thinking about what had happened and how would I say sorry to her . at break time I went to lab as she was there and I would say sorry . as I went towards the door i saw that the labs windows were covered with newspapers and could not be seen through. as I went to the door the same was with the door it was covered as well . any way I knocked and went inside she was sitting there . quitely I opened the door and went inside and closed the door I went up to her and said miss I am sorry what happened today mornong I just could not control what was happening as I find u attractive it just haapened and I am sorry and it would never again . Naveen. looked at me and smiled at me in a different manner and said ” I will forgive you but if u do something for me ” is said ” what miss ” she said ” bring a chair and sit right next to me . as I turned around to pick up a chair I say a matrice lieing down the floor . I picked up a chair and brought it up to her sat with a distance . she said ” why so far come closer ” . I brought it closer . she said ” more closer ” I brought it more closer until I could feel her body heat and she could feel mine . She said ” if you want me to forgive you do what you were doing this morning in the lab with me ” . I was shocked and taken aback I was spurised and could not believe what I had heard . she said come on. Yes man I said in my mind I got her . I started to massage her tighs from the waste to the knee I went harder each time we both looked at each other and kissed . my lips touched her lips and she put her touge in my mouth and I was sucking it hard and hard . I moved my hands towards her pussy and felt the padding which females put . I pressed that hard in her pussy and she moaned and caught my cock which was already rock hard . we kissed and kissed then she got up and threw her dupta and went and lie down on the matrice and told me to lock the door . and I did and undid my jeans and went towards her she took off her kammez and I saw those breast they were hell . I went up to her and kissed her again I moved slowly towards her neck while she steched it out for me I kissed her through the neck to her right sholder to to her bust . I grabbed them and pressed them hard with my hands . I thenput my arms around her back and sucked her nipples then I sucked her belly button and smoched it . she turned me over and started to feel my cock then with her teeth she started to rip my underwear, she cought my cock and massaged it and spat on it then sucked it hard and I mean realy hard that I cummed a whole bucket full in her and she swallowed like a drink. I then got up and told her to became a bitch she got up and turned her ass towrds my face I started to lick her ass with her shalwar on I smacked her very hard on her ass 6 times and she screamed with a maon and groan .i then opened her shalwar and threw them far away . her panty was facing me . first I kissed her ass hard then I went under her to like her pussy with the pad on I was licking it hard and pressing it hard she was monaing and groaning like bitch she then fell to the matrice and i ripped open her panty and splash came her vaginal juice on my face and it was realy energetic and tasty . I felt more horney and got up and jumped in to her with my cock right in to her pussy and came the ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ah aha aha aha a a hahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I began to move back and forword and began realy heavy she was screaming her lungs out so that way I had to kiss her and put my tongue into her mouth so she can suck mine . then sprung came out my sprems and filled her pussy she smugged onto her pubic hair and moaned then for a while we kissed and huged each other till the bell rang we got up cleaned each other and since then she joined my list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then later on I understood why Naveen. had put those newspaper on the windows because she wanted to fuck me that dya and she was prepared that we would start off right way without any one seeing us fucking around . But after that day she dosent have to caver the glass because we do it on the roof, early in the morning where we can sun bath as well.

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