Brutal Brazilian anal sex on billiard table with a brunette

Duration: 06:11
Added 31-01-2019 Lucy

Finally Sohini turned her attention back to Pradip, and they began to kiss again. He began to push upwards into her once more, and she resumed moving up and down on his cock, which I could see was wet with her juices. After a minute they were having vigorous sex once more, like the old guy wasn't there. He just stood there watching them and I could see a bulge forming in the front of his grey trousers. Then something else unexpected happened - the back of Sohini's dress fell down, covering her backside for a moment. Old Man bent and lifted it again, I thought so he could see her bottom but it wasn't just for that. He brought the other hand across and smacked her ass. Hard enough to leave a mark. Not bright red, but red enough for me to see from where I was. I clenched my fists in anger. Who did this old bastard think he was, laying hands on my wife? I was about to bang on the window, or race around to the door and storm the place when he hit her again, this time on the other ass cheek, making my anger boil even hotter. The reason I didn't move though was that Sohini didn't turn around and say anything. She carried on fucking Pradip's big cock as though nothing had happened. In fact, she hadn't even flinched. Another spank, and this time Sohini did turn to look at Old Man, but she just smiled at him and then blew him a kiss. I know she said that she liked it rough, but spanking? Since when had she liked being spanked? Old Man hit her again, and Sohini tossed her head back in pleasure. This was getting weird, but again my only reaction was one of arousal. It wasn't just that she was in this kinky threesome but the fact that the new participant was such a different guy to the good looking Pradip. He was a scruffy looking old man, who I'm sure no woman would look at twice. For some reason I found that erotic. Another surprise was to follow though. All three of them seemed to jump at something to my right and out of view again. Sohini clambered off Pradip, hitching her dress and bra up to cover her tits and pulling down the front of her dress. She sat next to Pradip, who hurriedly grabbed his trousers to cover his erection. Someone else had obviously entered the room, someone who maybe wasn't as welcome as Old Man. I remember the fleet of cars and turned to look at them. Perhaps they didn't all belong to Pradip. Maybe some of them belonged to these other people, or maybe these other people had been in the Bolero when I saw it arrive. It was dark and because I was parked a distance away I hadn't been able to see how many people were inside. Old Man was smiling and talking to this new unseen person, so it was obviously someone he knew. Pradip seemed comfortable also, but although Sohini was also wearing a friendly open smile, I could sense that she looked a little bit nervous. Finally the new visitor came into view. He was of average height and build, but different to the other two in that he was a European. He was quite smart and presentable but very young, perhaps 19 or 20 at most. He was talking to Old Man and Pradip but he was staring at my gorgeous wife out of the corner of his eye the whole time. I didn't blame him - she did look gorgeous if somewhat slutty, sat as she was with her dress all crumpled and her hair tousled loose across her face and around her shoulders. I saw that European fellow's eyes flicker and a little smile crossed his face briefly before he resumed talking to Old Man. What the hell was going on here? It was very surreal, but also erotic and intriguing all at the same time. All I had hoped for was to see Sohini making love to Pradip, so this was completely unexpected. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I intended to stay here and find out. I wondered if the Old Man was one of Pradip and Sohini's work colleagues as they seemed perfectly at ease but I had no idea who the white skinned European was. Perhaps some client that they had invited to their little party? Sohini stood up then, and disappeared from view a moment before returning with a couple more wine glasses. She filled all four glasses, and passed them around before returning to Pradip's side but as she made to sit down, Old Man put his arm around her and pulled her towards the European who took her hand and kissed the back of it very gentlemanly. Sohini blushed and smiled at him, then jumped slightly as Old Man grabbed and squeezed her ass. She turned to him and laughed, and the European joined in, obviously in on the joke. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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