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“um yes mam” I said. Now was another treat. Because she went to one side of the sofa and I went to the other. She bent down to hold the mattress. As she bent down I was dumbstruck, because I was able to see a large portion of her cleavage. I mean it was really deep ad also was glowing with w bit of sweat. I wish could lick her whole cleavage right then and there. But I think there was much more in store for me then just licking there. I was so dumbstruck that I could not even notice that she was watching me staring at her cleavage. “huh……….. hey sid, whrees ur attention?” She asked. I was caught red handed. My face turned red and I could not see in her eyes. Although I had done many pervert things, but this is the forst time that I am getting caught. “sorry…..mam” I blurted out. “oh let it be, lets finish setting up the bed” She said. From the corner of my eyes I saw her face. She was not looking towards me but I could see that she was not angry with me for looking towards her boobs. So we set up the the mattress in one corner of the room. Mam went to get the cushions. I expected her to put the cushions apart or atleast at some distance but she just kept them together. I mean this is the position in which we are going to sleep the entire night. And keeping the cushions so near meant that she wanted us to sleep side by side. “So Sid, what do we do now?” She asked while sting on the mattress. Well I want to fuck hard and lick your armpits till I can was what I wanted to say but as usual I said “I don’t know mam” I said “Come on yaar, don’t be a bore” She said “We can play an game” I said. That’s what came to mind first “Which game?” She asked looking very excited “ummmm I don’t know, lets say antaskshari” I said I knew it was a typical answer but nothing else came to my mind. “Come on Sid, I didn’t expect this from you” She said and made a face as if I had raped her. “I say lets play truth or dare” Wow man, I was surprised. “I mean I have seen it in movies many time, so lets play that, it will be an interesting game” She said getting all excited. I was ok with it as I could not loose much in that game. I didn’t think she was going to ask tricky questions and I had played it many times so I thought hat I could ask her tricky questions and also make her do things hat I wanted. But boy-o-boy I was going to be proven wrong on this one. “Ok let’s make a deal,” “What mam?” I asked out of curiosity “We will speak only truth and do what ever the tasks comes” She said. “Ok mam” I said. Now I really wanted to know what swati mam was up to. “Ok mam, as you say” “No wait, I will swear of my son and you swear of your mom. Ok” Now this was a real surprise. I mean why was she so serious about the game. “Ok mam, but why are you so serious about the game?” “No its just that I am playing this for the first time, and I want to play it with its true spirit” “Ok mam, I swear” I said. “mam I think it no use spinning a bottle since only two of us are present, so we get our chance turn by turn.” Ya it oks” She said. So now she sat right in front of me. Although there was space between us. Her legs were coming out of the slits and her white colored thigh looked fantastic. And she also looked fantastic. “So whose turn is it first?” She asked “Lets start from you mam, ladies first” I said and smiled at her. “Ok so truth or dare?” She asked “Um let’s say truth” I said as I was feeling very lazy to do anything. “Ok, so do you feel I am attractive?” Wow man I was stunned. I mean I did not expect this from her. I expected some silly questions. “Hu mam, what did you ask? I said to confirm that “Do you find me attractive, it’s a simple question” She said and liked towards me for an answer “Um mam, you are a very nice teacher, and also beautiful………….” I said “But my question is do you find me attractive?” She asked “Um yes mam……..” I said. I mean I had to answer the question, and if she wanted to know it straight then I told her straight. “Ok now its your turn” “So mam, would you chose truth or dare” I asked waiting for my revenge for making me so uncomfortable. “Ok I choose truth” She said. Now I was feeling that she was becoming naughty with me so I wanted to check if she was really in that mood or if it was just in my mind. “So what the size of your waist” I asked. I mean I did any other question did not came to my mind. “Well you can check it for your self” She replied. Now I could clearly see the twinkle in her eyes. I mean she was in a completely different mood now. So hen she said that I should check it my self. I asked “Do we have a measuring tape here?” “No silly, it’s mentioned on the label” “ya right” So saying this I went where her salwar was lying. I mean that where the label was right? But boy I was wrong. I searched for the label all through the salwar. No able to find it I looked at her. She was smiling at me and did not reply when I gave her a questioned look. Now I came near her and said “Its cheating there is no label there. Now you will have to tell me, you know it the rule of the game” I said “Excuse me, the label is here” She said and then pointed me at the back. Shit man was she referring me the label on her panty. I mean I was not ready for it to come so soon. “Come here and read it your self” She said again “Yes mam” I said went to her back. She lifted her kamiz a bit so that I could read the label. I bent down and then went near her panty, I could see where the label was and then went a little closer and read it. It read 40. “So mam, it reads 40” I said “ya, so now its nice that you have checked it yourself, so you cant say that I lied” She said and then smiled. “Yes mam, that a nice way” I said. Now I surely knew that she was acting a little bit flirty but I didn’t knew u til which point she would take it. “So now it’s my turn dear” She said. “Truth or dare?” She asked all excited. I didn’t knew which to choose but I took my chance and said “Truth mam” “Ok so, let me ask you a tricky question,” “Not too tricky mam” I said “Ok so since you have massaged me, which part of my body do you like the most?” She asked. That was a real tough one. I mean I definitely knew the answer but it was tough to admit it in front of her. I mean how I can say that I like your hairy armpits mam. But I wanted her to know that so I said “itr ur armpits mam” Ow it was her turn to get shocked. I mean she expected me to say her legs or her lovely skin or something else but not armpits “Why so sid? I mean “ Before she could complete the question I said “One question at a time mam, only one question” So hearing this she got quite and gave me a wide smile. “ok be careful next time, it seems its your turn now” “yam am, so what do you choose?” I asked “Once again I choose truth” “ ok so in my whole massage, which part do you lke the most?” I asked. I expected her to say that she like me rubbing her back or her hands or anything else But she replied “um I liked the part where you put your finger in my back” Wow man. I am surprised, does she know of this. I thought she was asleep during that time. Man how am I going to face her knowing that she nows what I did. But giving it a little thought I wonder why she did not said anything about it, it means that she approves of it. So anyway lets go on with this game. I think this game is becoming more interesting then a bond film. “But mam……….. I thought … you were sleeping weren’t you?” “Well well Mr. Sid, only one question at a time, only one question” She answered back in my own words that I had used on her earlier. “Ok now again my turn, so I guess you choose truth” She was very eager to ask me more questions, but I was in no position to answer. So I said “No mam, this time I choose dare” I said it expecting that this time it will be an easy task, at least then answering some of her difficult questions “Ok so that a refreshment” She said and then acted as though thinking of something I didn’t knew what was coming “so I was think that it not fair that I have removed my salwar, I mean I am a women and here its me who has less clothes, so I want you to remove your trousers.” She said and again smirked. I could make out that she was enjoying plzying this game. “what mam…. But how can i…..” I tried to argue with her “no but’s, you choose dare and you pay for it” She said “ok mam,” Saying this I got up to remove it. I was surprised as though how her eyes followed my every movement of my hands.i unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the zipper. That wheni felt very uncomfortable. I released that I had tight briefs on and due to the situations I had a semi hard on. So if I removed my trousers then my hard on would be visible.i was hesitating to remove them when she said “What, you have no underwear?” “No mam” I said and then slowly and slowly peeled down my trousers. But now her eyes were not traveling with my hands, they were stuck at just one plzce. My crotch, in this briefs its pretty easy to make out the size and outline of my fellow. So out of embarrassment I quickle removed them and sat down at my place. But as I sat down, it even showed more as I had to split my legs. And my pubic hairs were peeking from the side.

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